EU Projects

CHOCO Group UAB Export Expansion

As of September 2019, CHOCO Group UAB has been engaged in a project aimed at strengthening the company‚Äôs position in the Western European, Scandinavian, Middle East and USA markets and establishing long-term partnerships. The company is planning to participate in at least 8 international or global trade shows.  

Participation in the trade shows will give Choco Group a possibility to conclude cooperation agreements with customers of high regard looking for long-term cooperation, increase the company and brand awareness and give a boost to export growth. CHOCO Group will optimally use the time and resources it has to implement the project to the maximum and attain the goals and results indicated in its application. 

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund 

Project name: CHOCO Group Export Expansion 
Project Developer:  CHOCO Group UAB  

Total project value: EUR 87,168.00 

European Regional Development Fund grant for project implementation: up to EUR 43,584.00 

The project began on September 19, 2019
The project is estimated to be completed by March 30, 2021