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Spiced Roasted Almonds

Extremely fragrant, fast and slightly sticky recipe. 100 % fit for this snowy weather.


100 g of almond nuts
100 ml peanut butter
100 ml of MULATE TAHINI chocolate cream
Freshly ground pepper
Dried rosemary


– Bake almonds at 150 degrees, in fan mode. Bake for about 15 minutes, but we recommend to check constantly. The goal is to make inside of the almond to turn brown, but not burn it. Don’t wait until they become crispy, almonds will become crunchy only when they cool.
– While almonds are baking, lightly heat the peanut butter and MULATE chocolate spread.
– When the right consistency for dipping is reached, pulled it from the heat and dip cooled almonds.
– First dip in peanut butter. Then wait a bit. It is best to put almonds in the freezer, but even if left at room temperature for half an hour, almonds will get slightly firm.
– Now is the chocolate spread time. Dip almonds, soaked in peanut butter, and do not worry that the process is not very photogenic. It will smear your fingers and make a mess in your kitchen, but the result is worth it!
– Place almonds on a flat dish, keep them separate.
– Instantly pour freshly grounded salt, pepper and rosemary.
– Leave it to cool again.

After half an hour or an hour, almonds will be suitable for tasting. Of course, there is always a chance to finish them with a warm chocolate spread. Enjoy!

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